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  1. something wrong with forum... today i've done some response also to Talendrys and now they are disappeared!!!! btw i've also a github repos for source code: GitHub - Corsol/MaNGOSUI-Dev: MaNGOS Universal Installer Oh great! some small question: - What's your OS (win or linux) and wich one release? - What's your mysql version? - What's your git software name and version? about openssl i'll chek it, and about nullpointer i think is git command not found. Thanks.
  2. Hi! Since my last post i've do no more develops. Current version can be considered a stable one, just need some test to verify if it's ok or need some little fix. If you want you can try to use it and tell me if something wrong. Thanks
  3. [quote=Chucksta]Coolio, Corsol :) Merry xmas, and 'appy New Year :D[/quote] Thanks! Happy new year also to you and all MaNGOS staff!!! :)
  4. [quote=Chucksta]This might be what Corsol is talking about: [url]http://www.wowhead.com/spells?filter=na=dismount[/url] Lots of dismount spells :) Without looking at the code, I presume something like:[/quote] yes! This is what i mean as second step to fix the problem. ;)
  5. [quote=Nagilum]Hi Corsol, I'm still busy debuging server three, but just do not know how to modify some things like the vehicle bug. Just can't get my head around the github/ c++ compile stuff, is there a noob or step bij step guide somehere? Thx in advance Nagilum[/quote] From my search of month ago, i've discovered that the main issue was related to correct manage of OPCODE comunication within client and server. With my commit that you can see [URL="https://github.com/Corsol/server/commit/3cba8ca5a5b7e71aa8a4570e77710ee4db4020f3"]here [/URL]([url]https://github.com/Corsol/server/commit/3cba8ca5a5b7e71aa8a4570e77710ee4db4020f3[/url]) i've partially solved the issue... from what i remember the issue now is related to the right spell that need to be used to dismount from vehicle. Each vehicle has his own spell to active the dismount action... This spell can be discovered from search on wowhead or other portal that describe the vehicle in object. I've not found other documentation on this issue.. Hope to help. Greetings
  6. Probably you need to apply some Update from Updates forlder of World database... Have you installed it?
  7. If you want to try a new installation method try this: https://www.getmangos.eu/community-projects/10482-mangos-universal-installer-post75507.html#post75507 It's my new install tool that can help you from download to game data extraction only pushing some buttons. Hope to help.
  8. I'm proud to announce the Beta release! I't very very close to final release, just need tests! The "dist" folder of my git repository https://github.com/Corsol/MaNGOSUI can be downloaded and used for test! Remember that need Java JRE 1.7 update 79 or greater (32 or 64 bit). Please tell me about errors or unexpected behaviour! Instruction usages are simple: - For fresh install simply do things inside tabs from first to last. - For custom install or update use the desired tab. Enjoy!
  9. In my code (that is public for everyone) i do not use anything blizzard related. It's all MaNGOS related, for download, setup database, compile etc... the only one border line part is Map, VMap and MMap extractions, but i use MaNGOS tools and i ask to user to specify where the WoW client is installed, but i don't touch it! btw a Beta release will coming soon!
  10. Hi! I'm currently experincing an error while i'm extracting data from WoW client on Windows 8.1 x64 and Linux Debian x86. Map-extractor and VMap-extractor tools works fine without errors, but when i use the VMap-assembler i'll got this error: Calculating model bounds for map 0... Creating map tree... Can not open vmaps/000.vmtree Converting Model Files Converting 003591c2f5da1edf2ca0a1581fff66e4-strangledeadtree01.m2 error converting 003591c2f5da1edf2ca0a1581fff66e4-strangledeadtree01.m2 exit with errors No vmaps will be created. I've tryed with two different client 1.12.1 but nothing changed... Any ideas on why this happens? Thanks
  11. Finally i can say: The Alpha release can be used! Now is there some volounteers that want to try my tool? It's not 100% complete. I need to work on software install (git, cmake, mysql, etc..), credits and some other small things that will simplify usages, but for now you can use for: - Download with git command all repository (serve, database, and LUA scripts) for every four MaNGOS cores. - Install all tre databases from scratch or just update one of its. - Build and install source code (with CMAKE commands). - Extract data from WoW client (Map, VMap and MMap). All this features are available for both Windows and Linux systems! Some screenshot to look on how it appear: To test it, just use "dist" folder of my main project from GitHub: https://github.com/Corsol/MaNGOSUI. Run it with preconfigured script or change it to use the right Java version (1.7.79 or newer, 32 or 64 bit are the same.) Let me know if something will not work as expected. Thanks.
  12. Nice work!!!! I've looked onto your script and it's great! Can i copy the dependency install part for my Mangos Universal Installer? I's a great idea to prepare it for user who didn't know well what to install and how to configure it.
  13. Ok thanks! Understood the INSTALL build problem. I'll manually copy binaries. For command mode i'll check -E param and quotes
  14. yes of course! Build command: "%ProgramFiles%\CMake\bin\cmake.exe" -Wno-dev -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="G:\Virtual PC\WoW Mangos Test\UI_Test\Run" ..\server -- Building for: Visual Studio 12 2013 -- The C compiler identification is MSVC 18.0.21005.1 -- The CXX compiler identification is MSVC 18.0.21005.1 -- Check for working C compiler using: Visual Studio 12 2013 -- Check for working C compiler using: Visual Studio 12 2013 -- works -- Detecting C compiler ABI info -- Detecting C compiler ABI info - done -- Check for working CXX compiler using: Visual Studio 12 2013 -- Check for working CXX compiler using: Visual Studio 12 2013 -- works -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done -- Detecting CXX compile features -- Detecting CXX compile features - done This script builds the MaNGOS server. Options that can be used in order to configure the process: General: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX Path where the server should be installed to CONF_DIR Path to the configs, can be absolute or relative. DEBUG Debug mode (strict compile, all warnings) ACE_USE_EXTERNAL Use external ACE BUILD_TOOLS Build the map/vmap/mmap extractors SOAP Enable remote access via SOAP Scripting engines: SCRIPT_LIB_ELUNA Compile with support for Eluna scripts SCRIPT_LIB_SD2 Compile with support for ScriptDev2 scripts Modules: PLAYERBOTS Enable Player Bots To set an option simply type -D<OPTION>=<VALUE> after 'cmake <srcs>'. Also, you can specify the generator with -G. see 'cmake --help' for more details For example: cmake .. -DDEBUG=1 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/mangos Note: On UNIX systems, CONF_DIR is relative to the bin folder. -- Detected 32-bit platform -- Could NOT find Git (missing: GIT_EXECUTABLE) -- Found OpenSSL library: optimized;C:/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/ssleay32MD.lib;C:/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/libeay32MD.lib;debug; C:/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/ssleay32MDd.lib;C:/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/libeay32MDd.lib -- Found OpenSSL headers: C:/OpenSSL-Win32/include -- Found MySQL library: C:/Program Files (x86)/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.6/lib/libmysql.lib -- Found MySQL headers: C:/Program Files (x86)/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.6/include -- MaNGOS-Core revision : Git not found -- Install server to : G:/Virtual PC/WoW Mangos Test/UI_Test/Run -- Install configs to : G:/Virtual PC/WoW Mangos Test/UI_Test/Run/ -- Search configs from : binary directory (default) -- Support for SOAP : No (default) -- Script engine Eluna : Yes (default) -- Script engine SD2 : Yes (default) -- Enable Player Bots : No -- Build tools : Yes (default) -- Build in debug-mode : No (default) -- Configuring done -- Generating done -- Build files have been written to: G:/Virtual PC/WoW Mangos Test/UI_Test/buildServer Compile command: "%ProgramFiles%\CMake\bin\cmake.exe" --build . --target INSTALL

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