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  • Configuring the Realm Database


    Configuring the Realm Database

    1) Open a command prompt and type IPCONFIG.

    2) Find the IP address shown against IPv4 Address: (In this example - This is your local address


    3) Open a browser and visit: http://www.whatsmyip.org/ - You should see a message like:

    Your IP Address is:     - This is your external IP address and will be different on your system !!

    4) Using your normal Database management tool, open your realm database (default name is realmd)

    5) Open the table realmlist

    6) Enter your external IP address ( into the field 'address' and your local IP address ( into the field 'localaddress'


    7) Save your changes


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    This seems to be a very simple process but I have followed it and another PC on my local net still cannot connect.

    I shared a drive between the PC's to prove connectivity was OK and local connections to the mango server work fine but even after updating the realmlist database entry we can login but cannot connect to the realm, the realm list just keeps popping up. How can I diagnose this issue?

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    Hi @Krazz,

    You need to verify a few things:

    • Are the ports 8085-8087 and 3724 open for TCP on the server machine?
    • Is the RealmList entry in the database set to the server machine's IP address?
    • Are you binding to the proper address under your configuration files?
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    This appears to be a Windows Firewall issue. If I disable the firewall it works fine but if I have the firewall enabled and just a rule which opens these tcp ports it does not work.

    I tried turning on the logging for the firewall but didn't get anything produced during a connection attempt. I created a rule for UDP as well as TCP just in case but that didn't work either. I have attached a screenshot of the rules:




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