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  1. Hi @sadreamoment, You need to include the MySQL source files and link against its library files. Check your CMake setup again and make sure the MySQL requirements are all in check.
  2. The password is administrator. You can create an account in the database account table or via the account create command.
  3. Your configuration needs to reflect your desired goals. If you want to setup a local server then you do not need to enter an external IP address.
  4. That is literally the error code for what we described (INVALID_IMAGE_FORMAT). There is no other possibility. Glad you got it sorted out.
  5. I have already provided you a valid answer as to what your issue is. I'm not sure how I can explain it any better.
  6. Hi, that error message means you have an architecture mismatch between your application and runtime dependencies. You’re most likely using a 32-bit version of OpenSSL for your 64-bit MaNGOS build or vice-versa. It could also be an other library that’s causing the issue but the problem remains the same.
  7. Hey, As stated by the program, you need to apply the latest updates to your world database schema.
  8. Hi, You need to update your realmd database.
  9. You don't need to install libace-6.4.5 as libace-dev already depends on it and will therefore install it, as required.
  10. I'm gonna need either the actual error message or your exact Ubuntu version.
  11. Hi, It would help us understand better what's going on if you posted terminal logs. What step are you stuck on?
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