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  1. Hi, You need to update your realmd database.
  2. You don't need to install libace-6.4.5 as libace-dev already depends on it and will therefore install it, as required.
  3. I'm gonna need either the actual error message or your exact Ubuntu version.
  4. Hi, It would help us understand better what's going on if you posted terminal logs. What step are you stuck on?
  5. Natrist


    Hi, Lodi! Welcome to the MaNGOS community! We're always looking for new additions to the developer community. Make sure to join our Discord channel and someone will surely help you submit your first bug fix or feature. Regards, Natrist
  6. Hi, Lodi. Thanks for your report. Could you please reply with detailed, step-by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue for debugging? I'll have a look into this and send in a fix as soon as possible. Regards, Natrist
  7. I sent in a pull request that resolves this issue but needs some testing. Edit: My pull request has been merged with the master branch. The fix should be in for the next release.
  8. Natrist

    How to use EasyBuild

    I haven't looked up the error code, but if I recall correctly it means there's a 32-bit/64-bit conflict in your application. You may be calling 64-bit libraries from your 32-bit compiled program or vice-versa.
  9. Natrist

    Installing OpenSSL

    Hi there, You can download and install the product for free, but the installer will prompt you to make a donation to support the company. This is optional and the donation amount is also just a suggestion.
  10. What you're saying doesn't really make any sense, but if you wanna get your hands dirty on bare bones stuff, I can invite you to my server code repository. Hit me up on Discord.
  11. Hi, Welcome to the MaNGOS community. There's lots to do around if you have C++ or SQL experience. If you want to learn, I'm working on something to add on top of the current software. It's a GM client that will go along a few other tools like account administration and various development tools. The GM client is already up and running but we need to implement various systems on the server side. I'm @Natrist#2538 on Discord. I'm sure you can find more ideas if you have a chat with the rest of the users there.
  12. Hi, ToShuk Marusenko. The problem in your code is that obj is nothing but an integer and yet you try to call its 'SetFlag' method. I'm not familiar with Eluna, but it seems like you can get the spell caster from the spell variable there. For example: caster = spell:GetCaster(); obj = caster:ToGameObject(); obj:SetFlag(GAMEOBJECT_FLAGSm 20);
  13. It is quite nice to see developers from the emulation community with hand in hand for once instead of just bragging and shaming others. P.S.: Sorry for the thread necromancy, I'm on my phone and didn't bother checking dates.
  14. Run 7 swim 4.7222218513489 turn 3.141593933 flight 7

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