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  • (not a bug, but bug related, excuse me if its off topic)

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    (not a bug, but bug related, excuse me if its off topic)

    Twice you have mentioned "it is a client side", not a server side...

    a) i have two different clients i can use at will (downloaded a second one just to compare things sometime ago..can't trust torrents) and elsewhere, things i report here work there just fine. With either of them.

    b) a client side issue entails a situation where a certain/specific patch lacking, 'x' or 'y' issue cannot be resolved. I do not know what 'developer' means in mangos, but both issues you said are "client-wise", ie my fault, did NOT exist in vanilla 1.12.1
    What that entails is that by that time, they had been addressed. ie the client i am using should have said solutions incorporated. Yet problems persist.

    If you do not mind, could you be a bit more specific? Are you implying both of my clients have issues and i need find a new one, or that, again, i do not know what i am talking about? Both issues are bugs, both had been absent in retail. So a reply in the form of "this is a client side issue, we cannot fix it" sounds weird. To me that is, as i said, no offense. Not here to pick fights, i post the issues and keep on testing, no problem.

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    Anything stored within the client itself (Tooltips, sound information, spell animations) etc. is handled by the client itself. Thus if a tooltip is wrong, it is either an issue within the respective client side DBC file or your cache. That doesn't mean it's just you, but it's an issue with all clients on that version. If a tooltip at 1.12.1 is wrong for you, then it would also have been wrong back in the days on the same client version :) Though, some things like tooltips may vary between the different regions and platforms.

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    Most of the issues you posted earlier are related to files in your game client, the program you have installed on your computer which allows you to play the game. The tool-tips, macro functionality, and more are stored in your client, not the server. A macro is processed 100% on your computer, not on the server. In other words, if a macro does not work, the problem is on your end. If a spell, emote, or other action that a macro targets does not work, such as having a macro that does "/cast Fireball" and fireball doesn't cast, could be many things, one of which could be the server, but if you use the spell normally and it works, it's the macro.

    Due to the errors you report being in client files, we cannot legally fix them. That would require us to hack the 1.12.x client, edit the fixes into it, and then host the files for download. That is illegal and I do not believe anybody here would do it. You are more than welcome to fix your own client tool-tips and such, but we cannot aid you that task. There were MANY bugs in 1.12 that were in the client. We just lived with them.

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