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  • R20 installs files to incorrect locations...

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      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
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      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: New
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Binaries are hosed...

    I just built R20 and have a major, game-breaking issue. When doing this it is placing the "lua_scripts" directory, binaries, and configuration files in the root of the server "ie: /". This will not work. Normally things go to the correct location when doing a distro-wide install. Binaries go to /bin or /usr/bin depending on the setup. Configuration files always go in /etc. Everything else is correct, but this is not. I tested this on my Gentoo virtual system and got the same thing. Something is installing binaries and configuration files outside of /bin, so only root can do it.


    It appears to do this on BSD also. Binaries need to be installed to /bin and configuration files need to be installed to /etc. I cannot get this working on any *nix or BSD system right now.

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    Because the old one is horribly broken and is just a patch job for this to work as is. Also, this is an attempt at fixing the cmake build to be cross platform. Not a change. All of the above is simply install step settings.

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    Alright, Foereaper explained changes which do not appear to be documented on our forum to me. The addition of the new cmake parameter will clear PART of this up. We now need a parameter for where to place binaries. I will suggest that when these parameters are omitted, we default to the correct locations. Under Unix/Linux/BSD/Apple/Solaris/etc this will be "etc" for configuration files and "bin" for the binaries. Under Windows I would suggest "%Userdocs%/My Games/MaNGOS" for the configuration files and wherever the user wants for the binaries. This way when these parameters are omitted we still get a sane solution on all systems.

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    As of this commit: [URL]https://github.com/mangoszero/server/commit/7e30aa81d033ea89b07cfd307b3310c943488a54[/URL]

    - Binary files are now installed at install_prefix/bin
    - Config files are now by default installed to install_prefix/etc

    - Binary files are now installed at install_prefix
    - Config files are now by default installed to install_prefix

    CONF_DIR option is relative to install_prefix on both Windows and Linux. On linux this option defaults to: -DCONF_DIR=etc/


    lua_scripts directory and log files location are relative to the binary directory, this means;
    Linux: install_prefix/bin
    Windows: install_prefix

    This can be changed in mangosd.conf, ie.

    LogsDir = "../logs/"

    The above would set the logs directory to:


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    I will update my end and check it out. Questions abound however. You stated that "CONF_DIR" is relative to the install prefix. Does this mean that I cannot set my prefix to "/home/wow/zero" and my configuration directory to something like "/etc". I would not do such a thing, but I want to know. On my production server I install to "/usr". This places my stuff in a spot where any user can fire up their own server. My end goal is to have a Debian/Ubuntu package users can install. However, configuration files do go to "/etc". Is this possible? If not it is no big deal, but it would be nice to follow the normal method for configurations. My backup plan would be to create a symlink to "/etc" in "/usr" during the install so the configuration files are in the correct spot.

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    [quote=Foereaper]Say your install prefix is /home/usr/server. By default, the config dir would then be /home/usr/server/etc. If you would like the config dir to be /home/usr/etc, you would then use -DCONF_DIR=../etc/[/quote]
    Is it possible to set "CONF_DIR" to "/etc"? If so I can begin making the Debian packages again.

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    [quote=Xenithar]Is it possible to set "CONF_DIR" to "/etc"? If so I can begin making the Debian packages again.[/quote]

    Yes, however I will have to look into the technical aspects of doing this, as it may cause some issues with relative pathing. Will get to it once I have some spare time.

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