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  • Winterspring frostsaber lacking 'special animation' (pressing space) sound

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      Version: 0.20(currentmasterbranch) Milestone: 20 Priority: Low
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Winterspring frostsaber lacking 'special animation' (pressing space) sound

    Footsteps sound like they did in vanilla, all good, so does the summoning sound. Nothing audible when you press space however. Should have been the same sound the more easily obtainable kitties have.

    And by the way Xeni, no offense, but if you start with the vanilla had no sounds thing...(it did have sounds)...do not feel offended if i do not reply :)

    [in case anyone wants a recap:
    kodos lack all sounds
    qiraji tank lacks 2/3, footsteps and /space
    winterspring saber, as above
    the rest i have so far tried behave like they did back then. What an effing surprise, they had sound! wiii....]

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    I just did with my client, and I do not have sounds for all models, which I have stated before. I have the original, full 1.12.1 patch from Blizzard. I installed with my original five CDs, then patched. Some models are missing sounds, which correlates to my memory and the memory of several gamers I played with. In fact, through MOST of 1.x, mounts had no sound, bar the Switft Zulian Tiger. That is what made it so cool. Around 1.10 they started adding sounds for other mounts. Raptors, skeletal horses, and other got sounds added to their 'space' animation. Kodos did not until 2.x, the warlock summoned horses did not have sound, and some cats did not. By the time BC was released, they had that fixed.

    To verify, check your sound files in the MPQ files. Not all mounts have sound files.

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    Alright, quick run down :)

    - Every single model that uses a sound has a sound entry in CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc (3rd column)
    - This integer points to an entry in CreatureSoundData.dbc
    - If an entry is not present, then a creature did not have sound data tied to the model at the time. Sound data includes jump sound, /space etc.

    1.12.1 using enGB:

    Display ID: [COLOR=#545454][FONT=arial]10426 - Winterspring Frostsaber Mount


    This model does NOT contain any sound data (3rd column). Thus it's safe to assume the sounds for the Winterspring mount was added at a later date.


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    Alright, I just tested every cat mount in the game. The ONLY mount with sound, as stated before, is the Swift Zulian Tiger. This tiger has an idle animation where he stretches and roars. Pressing the space-bar does not make ANY of the cats roar. This is what made everybody want the Zulian Tiger so badly back in the day. It had that unique idle roar. Well, the colors and such probably didn't hurt, either.

    Just so you know, the mount had a 0.6% chance to drop, but since you could only raid once every three days, it would regularly drop about once every 600 days, assuming you raid every third day. Then you got to roll on it!

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    You beat me to it. I just finished posting and was about to dump the DBC data. Can you check the data for the kodo and summoned warlock horses? It could save us some repeat threads.


    Also, could you please verify what version of MaNGOS you are running, Aenra? You are marking everything 0.21 but we're working on 0.20.

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    I do not. I'll have to go in-game and grab them with the info command.

    Also, I believe it will help if Aenra understands how the animations and sounds work. I believe he is under the impression that this stuff is generated server-side and sent to the client. The reality is that if we're standing near each other and I do an animation, the server simply relays to your client that I am doing animation . Your client then displays me character doing that animation and, should the animation have sound, plays the associated sound. The server doesn't tell your client what sounds to play for the mounts, the DBC files inside your client do.

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    Sorry went to shower. So, is it good to close this ticket? I already changed the status to "not a bug". I am not closing the tickets Aenra creates to be mean, but the ones I have closed are NOT MaNGOS bugs. They may be client bugs, but we cannot fix those legally.

    Also, did you know that in the alpha we had SKILLS (not spells) for riding? We had a skill for each mount type. We also had a leopard mount, a panther mount, and more. They got removed at some point during the beta. Yes, I still have my alpha client, but I doubt it will work with MaNGOS.

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    Alright then, it's in your hands. Thanks for clearing that up. I was actually trying to find a site that listed which mounts had sounds in 1.12 so I could link it, the way I did with the macro from BC he was trying to use. The idea to check the DBC file hit me after it hit you.

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