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  • Quest: The Dead Fields - NPC: Nightlash spawning needs scripting

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Quests
      Sub-Category: Quest
      Version: 1.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: Low
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Nightlash needs to be scripted to spawn

    It looks like Nightlash is not scripted to spawn, therefore the quest, The Dead Fields cannot be completed.

    To test, I went in and killed many, many gnolls, but no showing of Nightlash, so I assume she is not scripted in any way to spawn. Looking through the database and the SD2 files, I could find nothing related to Nightlash.

    On One (TBC) it seems that Nightlash is spawned at server start up, but on Zero there is no creature table entry for this NPC, so it needs to be spawned somehow.

    I believe she turns up after you kill the gnolls in the area (varying amount), so presumable we need to base her spawning on this; maybe add a script to the gnolls there, that will spawn her at random (e.g. 1 out of 4 chance).

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    Excellent, that makes sense :D

    Oops, this should be under Zero, not One! I'll see if I can move it. It should also be under Database, as it is a DB fix


    I have located the actual problem, the gnolls have been set up to supposedly spawn Nughtlash (1 in 10), but the action_type was not set to spawn, it was set to 47: ACTION_T_SET_STAND_STATE

    -- Rot Hide Mystic / Rot Hide Gladerunner
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_ai_scripts SET action1_type=12 WHERE id IN (177203, 177303);[/COLOR]

    Those came up in the world-eventai.log file.

    Thanks, Arkadus, for putting me on the right track :D


    [B][COLOR="#008000"][SIZE=3]Fix for this has now been PR'd[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B], as part of the fixes for errors found in the World-eventai.log file (at this point in time).


    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]NOTE: THIS IS A ZERO (WoW Classic) ISSUE, NOT ONE (TBC)! my bad[/COLOR][/B] :(

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