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  • ScriptDev2_errors on start up

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Creature
      Version: 1.1.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: Low
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    This is a list of and fixes for the errors that show in the log at server start up

    I'm creating this thread primarily as a means to record these fixes, just-in-case I forget or get spirited away by Peter Pan during the night!

    Raised under Database, because the issue/fix is with the database :)

    go_table_theka ([COLOR="#B22222"]Zero and One!!!!![/COLOR])
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='go_table_theka' WHERE Entry='7272';[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='boss_tethyr' WHERE Entry=23899;[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='npc_piznik' WHERE Entry=4276;[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='npc_anchorite_barada' WHERE Entry=22431;[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='npc_colonel_jules' WHERE Entry='22432';[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='npc_rethhedron' WHERE Entry='23416';[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='npc_drijya' WHERE Entry='20281';[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='npc_cenarion_sparrowhawk' WHERE Entry='22972';[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='npc_skyguard_prisoner' WHERE Entry='23383';[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='npc_fhwoor' WHERE Entry='17877';[/COLOR]


    another script in use
    DELETE ??????

    I'm not sure about this one. It looks like someone created a new script with a better name ([COLOR="#008000"]boss_headless_horseman[/COLOR]), but forgot to delete the old one ([COLOR="#FF0000"]boss_head_of_horseman[/COLOR]).
    I'll take a closer look with a better/clearer head, on the morror :D

    EDIT: I have now been through the scripts again, and the boss_head_of_horseman script is good, and needs to be added to the head of the horseman creature_template record, so:
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName='boss_head_of_horseman' WHERE Entry='23775';[/COLOR]

    Note: a PR has been made that fixes the other errors in the scriptdev2 log file

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    [B][SIZE=3][COLOR="#008000"]A PR have now been made with the above fixes :)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]


    The ScriptDev2_errors. log file now contains no errors. Yey me, /gold_start /hugs :D

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