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    (Blood elf paladin quest)

    This quest cannot be completed. You are supposed to light a brazier, which then spawns an NPC, Sangrias Stillblade (Lv.12 Humanoid) whom you have to fight. The brazier is there and you can light it, but the NPC does not appear and you do not get credit for the quest.

    Taken from - [url]http://www.covenant-wow.com/forums/index.php?topic=187.0[/url]

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    Here is a SD2 solution "Let the pallies know what a true meditation IS LIKE" :D

    Using the brazier while kneeling, even if in principle allowable by client, requires too much work for this tiny issue. So, after the brazier is lit as usual, the server takes control over the char for 3.5 sec, kneels them and, at the end, summons the mob releasing the char. The only notable problem is a line appearing in serverlog ERROR:HandleMoveNotActiveMover: incorrect mover guid: followed by a senseless diagnostic; it hinders nothing.

    Another problem is that the succeeded spell 22120 does not interrupts the victim spellcasting, while a knockdown should do. In between, the fight is not easy even with this "bonus".

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