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  • Enemy Faction Entering Oposition's Town

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      Main Category: Script (Eluna / SD3)
      Sub-Category: sd2
      Version: 22.x Milestone: 20 Priority: New
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Should soldiers spawn at some point when an enemy faction appears in towns

    (added to Scripts as this could easily come under scripts or be a combination of database and scripts)

    When player characters enter an enemy town or city, at what point should soldiers spawn, if they should spawn at all?

    I recall back in the day, when we raided Goldshire, and found that attempting to lay waste to the Inn was just plain impossible, as soldiers would just keep on spawning. You'd own one lot of soldiers, only for a new lot to spawn.

    Can anyone confirm this is what should happen? Maybe with links to sources that show what should happen. I'm usually pretty good at tracking things down, but have come up blank so far :(

    Currently within the core, the only thing implemented along these lines, is that a soldier will spawn if a city boss type is killed (tested in SW). Here the soldiers spawn at the coordinates of the boss, which looks odd.

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    I remember guard spawning. I think they spawned whenever you attacked an enemy npc (but I'm not sure, it was a long time ago :D).
    Here's a page that seems to cover the argument extensively

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