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    error loading server

    Map file './maps/0004331.map' is non-compatible version (outdated?). Please, create new using ad.exe program.

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    Those map files should be fine, although you may need to rebuild the extractor.

    For me to get it to be okay with the maps, I had to rebuild the extractor and apply the following cheat/fix:


    One thing you should check, is the version it thinks it has extracted. In the DBC folder, look for the component.wow-enUS.txt file

    Open that file and see what version it has written to it.

    It should have 18273 or 18414

    For some reason it thinks it is 18273 even though the files are for build 18414.

    If it has any other version number, then you do have the wrong client version.

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    [quote=antz]@chucksta -

    Could you create a pr for that ?[/quote]

    Hmm, I need to check the forums more often, lol, I cannot remember much about this.

    I'll see what's what, then do the necessary... vague enough for you ? ;)

    EDIT: Light bulb moment... it's all come back in a flash!!!!
    I'll grab Four and do as per that update linked to in my last post, and make sure that does solve it for Four, and not just some fluke.

    EDIT: That has already been applied:
    Line 4177

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