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    • Status: Unconfirmed
      Main Category: Realm Daemon
      Sub-Category: Unknown
      Version: 21.14 Milestone: Unset Priority: New
      Implemented Version: Unset
      Assigned: antz

    If u pull the realmd... have some error in. first:relative path's
    secound: if u fix the first error:

    Error    1    error C3861: 'IsIPAddrInNetwork': identifier not found    C:\WowServer\server\src\realmd\Auth\AuthSocket.cpp    886    1    realmd
    Error    2    error C3861: 'GetAddressString': identifier not found    C:\WowServer\server\src\realmd\Auth\AuthSocket.cpp    992    1    realmd
    Error    3    error C3861: 'GetAddressString': identifier not found    C:\WowServer\server\src\realmd\Auth\AuthSocket.cpp    1071    1    realmd
    Error    4    error C2065: 'REVISION_NR' : undeclared identifier    C:\WowServer\server\src\realmd\Main.cpp    114    1    realmd
    Error    5    error C2065: 'REVISION_NR' : undeclared identifier    C:\WowServer\server\src\realmd\Main.cpp    192    1    realmd
    Error    6    error C2039: 'CheckDatabaseVersion' : is not a member of 'DatabaseMysql'    C:\WowServer\server\src\realmd\Main.cpp    403    1    realmd
    Error    7    error C2065: 'DATABASE_REALMD' : undeclared identifier    C:\WowServer\server\src\realmd\Main.cpp    403    1    realmd

    mangos four project

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    Hi Dio85, I will look into what the issue is, however I just want to check something to ensure you are not wasting your time.

    Are you looking to help develop / work on MangosFour (Mop) ?
    - This core is an early development alpha and as such you can't actually get in game yet

    So unless you are hoping to help develop for it, there is no point using it atm.

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