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  • Manually casting pet spells

    • Status: Confirmed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Spell
      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Manually casting pet spells

    Trying to manually cast pet attacks from the pet attack bar when out of combat, you will get the text "Your pet is in combat". This is wrong, as your pet should run over to your target, and cast the said spell.

    I also noticed pet energy/focus does not regenerate, and pet spells can be cast even when pets are out of energy/focus.

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    I have a bug report on pet focus/mana already. Voidwalkers have rage, lock pets never regen mana but keep using spells without it, and hunter pets never regen focus, but seem to use skills anyway. The "pet is in combat" is due to having no focus. It is the wrong message.

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    Pets were changed a few months ago. I built one version on a Friday and suddenly no more regen of focus/mana, enemy VW's had rage instead of mana, and a host of other issues cropped up. I reported it and should have a ticket somewhere on the subject. The thing is. once the lock pets run out of mana, you start getting that message. Try it. Get a lock pet fresh so it has mana, put all skills on manual. All skills work UNTIL there is no longer any mana to use them. However, on auto they use the skills even without mana! Strange!

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