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  • NPC should not be here...

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      Main Category: Database
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      Version: 2.0.11 Milestone: 20 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    NPC should not be here...

    In Orgrimmar on the pier in the lake next to the fishing trainer you have two Orcs which are there to redeem prizes for Blizzcon attendees. For one, they do not appear to work (yes, I have codes) and for another, the second guy I do not believe was added until Lich King. He offers the "Big Blizzard Bear" which is a lv20 mount. There were no lv20 mounts in Vanilla that I recall. I believe the Orc closest to the end of the pier was there in 1.12, and he was removed in BC or LK and replaced by the other, who offered the Murloc pet as well as both the BC award and the LK award. This guy should not be here in Zero.

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    Both were added at the same time, if these are to be believed:


    See the Quick Facts section of the page.
    [B]Added in patch 1.11.1[/B]

    I'll now look into the other issues now...

    [B]Big Blizzard Bear[/B]
    Added in patch 2.4.3

    [B][COLOR="#B22222"]Removal of the Big Blizzard Bear[/COLOR][/B]

    No entry found in the creature_template table
    No entry found in the item_template table
    Zas'Tysh [B]creature_template [/B][B][COLOR="#800080"]Entry[/COLOR][/B]: 7951 [B][COLOR="#800080"]GossipMenuId[/COLOR][/B]: 6565

    [B]gossip_menu_option [/B]table [B][COLOR="#800080"]menu_id [/COLOR][/B]6565
    [B][COLOR="#800080"]id[/COLOR][/B] 0 - Murloc pet - [B]item_template [/B][B][COLOR="#800080"]Entry [/COLOR][/B]20371 Blue Murlock Egg - casts spell ID 24696 (resulting in pet Murloc, Murky) : [url]http://www.wowhead.com/spell=24696[/url]
    [B][COLOR="#800080"]id[/COLOR][/B] 1 - Murloc costume - [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]THIS NEEDS TO BE REMOVED TOO[/COLOR][/B] - patch 2.1.3 - [url]http://www.wowhead.com/item=33079/murloc-costume[/url]
    [B][COLOR="#800080"]id[/COLOR][/B] 2 - Big Blizzard Bear

    [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]DELETE FROM gossip_menu_option WHERE `menu_id`='6565' and`id`='1';[/COLOR][/B]
    [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]DELETE FROM gossip_menu_option WHERE `menu_id`='6565' and`id`='2';[/COLOR][/B]
    These will remove the Murloc Costume and the Big Blizzard Bear from the items offered by the NPC :)

    [B]NEXT:[/B] see why entering the code does nothing...

    I'm not certain, but it looks like a script needs to be associated with each of these via the [B][COLOR="#800080"]action_script_id [/COLOR][/B]field of the [B]gossip_menu_option [/B]table.

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    Well since we're on unofficial, maybe we should add flags t the account DB or something that define things like special edition. I bought the collector's edition of everything up to and including Cata, so when I log into the game with each character, I have to give myself those pets (Diablo, Onyxia Whelp, etc) each time. We could add a flag for CE to the account table. If it is 0, no CE. 1 would be CE, and upon first login the character gets the email with the pets and such. We could take it a step farther and do a flag-based entry of integer type.

    [*]0 - Normal Game
    [*]1 - Collector's Edition
    [*]2 - Allowed to get Murky
    [*]4 - Allowed to get costume
    [*]8 - Allowed to get mount
    You could combine any of those and when the character walks up to the NPCs and chats he will either get the item when selecting it or get a message that he or she wasn't really at Blizzcon, or whatever. You could even extend this list for the extras that may come in future expansions. No code needed!

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    We have discussed adding in proper database saved code redemption, that way you can create codes to give out for events or whatever you'd like. Enter a code in the database, select reward type, add reward data and the code can be redeemed. All codes would be one time use, just like on retail.

    The script I finished a while ago, just haven't gotten around to officially implement it.


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    That is actually kind of cool, Reaper. Would these be account-bound like on Blizzard or character-bound? The CE pets and things are account-bound and every character gets an email thanking them for the CE with the items as attachments when they first login.

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    I am trying to remember if the murloc pet was account or character bound. I seem to recall having it on more than one character, but my memory may be incorrect.

    The only problem I see here could be the adding of all those codes to the DB. If I add a code and a player uses it, is the code removed from the DB?

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