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  • Trinkets proccing GCD

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    Trinkets proccing GCD

    As per title..if you got two and you proc one, the second one instantly goes on some sort of weird GCD..resembles it anyway. Shouldn't be happening

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    Can you give us the names of the trinkets you are testing? I do not have this issue. I do seem to recall a trinket that did trigger a GCD, but I do not remember what version of the game it was in. Also, are you actually on 0.21 or are you on 0.20?

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    [quote=Foereaper]Tested using the Frostwolf Insignia and Insignia of the Alliance, could not reproduce. Which trinkets triggered GCD exactly?[/quote]

    you did not read.. to quote me in the OP, "if you got TWO and you proc one"..
    test again using two pve trinkets of your choice, both with a "use:" effect. You will see that you can't. The instant you proc the first one, be it slot 13 or slot 14, matters not, the second one enters some sort of a GCD resembling phase, and becomes greyed out for you. Not how it was.

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    They should proc a GCD, as I thought. I know you're going to say that trinkets used to be different, but I recall at least as far back as BC having a shared CD to avoid OP situations. Maybe way back prior to 1.12 they were separate, but we need to research and find out if that is true and, if so, exactly which version the change was made in.

    [quote]Using a trinket often activates a shared cooldown on trinkets with similar effects. [/quote]
    [url=http://www.wowwiki.com/Trinket]WoW Wiki[/url]


    More info from a thread from 2011 on the official forum. I remember OP mages in early versions of WoW. I mean these fools would own anything. Now I know how they did it. However, I recall this being fixed, possibly before we even had pets nerfed.

    [url=http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2786568943?page=3#42]Forum Post[/url]


    From the vanilla wiki, it says that trinkets with the same class of procs would trigger a CD on each other.

    [url=http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Trinket]Vanilla WoW Wiki[/url]

    With that said, have you tried using a trinket which causes damage and one which heals?


    Alright, a forum post from 2007 stating the same thing, only they mention both a global CD and a shared CD, so there may have been more than one type of shared CD. Also read the post below this one.

    [url=http://wowmb.net/forums/f23/12078-double_trinket_macro/#post83868]Forum Post 2007[/url]

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