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  • Warrior level stats bug...

    • Status: Confirmed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: classblocker
      Version: 2.0.11 Milestone: 20 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Warrior level stats bug...

    When an Orc warrior hits level 11, the message states that you gain "-1" hit points. Upon checking, you have 300 at 11. Is this a UI bug or something in our DB?

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    If you take a close look to the [I]player_classlevelstats[/I] table in the world database, you'll notice that the warriors (class = 1) at level 10 have a base hp of 101 and at level 11 base hp = 100. Indeed, there is something wrong in the database. You can investigate closer and do a PR when you have some spare time.


    Not only warriors loose hp when they grow up. Look closer at class 2, level 1 & 2 :)

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    I found a part of code in a posts:
    case WARRIOR:
    if(Level else if(Level else if(Level >60) TotalHealthGain+=Level+100;
    else TotalHealthGain+=2*Level-30;
    case HUNTER:
    if(Level else if(Level >60) TotalHealthGain+=Level+45;
    else TotalHealthGain+=Level+4;

    if(Level else if(Level else if(Level>60)TotalManaGain+=Level+20;
    else TotalManaGain+=45;
    case ROGUE:
    if(Level else if(Level >60) TotalHealthGain+=Level+110;
    else TotalHealthGain+=Level+2;
    case DRUID:
    if(Level else if(Level >60) TotalHealthGain+=Level+55;
    else TotalHealthGain+=Level;

    if(Level else if(Level>60)TotalManaGain+=Level+25;
    else TotalManaGain+=45;
    case MAGE:
    if(Level else if(Level >60) TotalHealthGain+=Level+40;
    else TotalHealthGain+=Level-8;

    if(Level else if(Level>60)TotalManaGain+=Level+26;
    else TotalManaGain+=51;
    case SHAMAN:
    if(Level else if(Level >60) TotalHealthGain+=Level+75;
    else TotalHealthGain+=Level+1;

    if(Level else if(Level>60)TotalManaGain+=Level+70;
    else TotalManaGain+=49;
    case WARLOCK:
    if(Level else if(Level >60) TotalHealthGain+=Level+50;
    else TotalHealthGain+=Level-2;

    if(Level else if(Level>60)TotalManaGain+=Level+25;
    else TotalManaGain+=51;
    case PALADIN:
    if(Level else if(Level >60) TotalHealthGain+=Level+55;
    else TotalHealthGain+=Level+4;

    if(Level else if(Level>60)TotalManaGain+=Level+100;
    else TotalManaGain+=42;
    case PRIEST:
    if(Level else if(Level >60) TotalHealthGain+=Level+40;
    else TotalHealthGain+=Level-6;

    if(Level else if(Level else if(Level>60)TotalManaGain+=Level+35;
    else TotalManaGain+=54;

    // Apply HP/Mana
    lvl->HP = lastlvl.HP + TotalHealthGain;
    lvl->Mana = lastlvl.Mana + TotalManaGain;

    I don't know whether it's an offical code, but it seems like mangos use this code. So I check the warrior's HP in each level in WOW game, and the number is correct.I don't know how this basehp comes out in database, and don't know relationship between basehp and maxhp, but it works fine.
    In game,when I set level from 1 to 2, the message states that you gain 9 hit point. But acturally it increase 19 hit point, and 9 is the two levels basehp subtraction. So maybe the sever return wrong parameter.

    But I acturally find a mistake in database, while the warrior's level is 19, the hit point doesn't correct. So I modify the number and check it over and over agian, and finally I found the correct number.
    And the fix is blow here.
    update player_classlevelstats set basehp = 183 where class =1 and level =19;

    I don't speak English, sorry for my poor English. :)

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