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Hi there,

I seem to be having some difficulty installing EasyBuild with the submodules. I re-cloned the file from github with the "--recursive" Parameter but this version has a "setup.py" icon within the folder. I downloaded Python but I don't know how to run it :-/.

Any help would be great for my sanity! 




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Hey Antz, thanks for getting back to me!

I downloaded EasyBuild with the "--recursive" parameter from github but in that version there is no icon to launch the Easybuild programme. With the standard version there is but it has none of the submodules. I will eventually be using MangosZero but at the moment I'm merely acquiring all the necessary tools to build a server.


In the EasyBuild folder ( the one cloned with the --recursive ) there is an icon called "setup.py" and after a google I thought I needed to run it via python for it to install. I must be doing something wrong. 

Put simply: I am in need of the Easybuild programme with all the submodules included. 


Thank you for your time!

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