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[database/core] not up to date? fresh clone & compile




I had some trouble with mmaps interfering with mobs. I wasn't able to do damage to them, and they acted as if I had GM mode on (??)

Anyway, I did a fresh clone of both DB and Core, compiled core and updated my existing DB.

The core displays a couple of errors, which is normal and most are very minor. However, I don't understand what this one error means (attached), and if it's a critical one or not.

Anyone familiar with this, and can explain?

Edit: I edited and used the .bat tool to update DB. It did indeed update successfully. 


Thanks in advance!


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Hi there,

This is telling you that the database is content version 14. The core was built with expecting version 2.

It is telling you that you have a newer content version for information only and will continue loading just fine.

The only types of these errors it would stop on is if you had a different structure version.

Hope this helps :)

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