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  1. Yes, you've all heard it before. When enabling crossfaction on mangos zero, one faction can't heal the other in a different group of the raid. I found this https://www.getmangos.eu/bug-tracker/mangos-zero/Crossfaction-raiding-r890/ Does anyone know the best way to solve this issue? If it has been solved before, please point me in that direction! Thanks in advance. Note: Since it's possible inside a party, can't we move that function to raid?
  2. The NPC_TRAINER_TEMPLATE holds information about what spells a specific trainer npc should offer to those who speak with him. If that table is empty then the trainer will not have any spells to give you. This means that you have to import the data that should be in that table, because it should not be empty. You need to clone the database repository from github and launch "InstallDatabases.bat" then fill in all your connection info in the window that pops up. Sorry for the late response.
  3. I wish I could help but I have no knowledge about Linux. However, I am not sure if mangos will build on AntergOS? Someone more qualified than me should respond to this.
  4. I suggest you compile a fresh clone of the Mangos github repo. Otherwise seek help from those who made the repack.
  5. Okay. This is something I have never experienced nor heard of. I think you have to wait for someone else to reply, sorry.
  6. Does this mean that you are the only player lagging, and that others see it? Or are others lagging too?
  7. You sent me the resources on PM, they were more than good enough.
  8. It seems like you haven't imported some parts of the database. There is a tool in the database repo which automatically does this for you, I suggesting using that.
  9. If you add the loot to that chest's loot table, it will drop from all currently spawned chests. You have to add it to the exact chest that drops from that player.
  10. No that is not the problem. I would consider checking your servers resources. Perhaps you could post the specs here.
  11. I have imported some fixes from Elysium core and Database to MangosZero. The DB structure is similar in many tables and not too much work to merge (some tables are a lost cause). Problem is that MangosZero aims to be 100% blizzlike, I have no idea if the data I transfered from Elysium is. I simply did it to "hot fix" and populate certain areas of the database where there was no data at all, or the data was very inaccurate. In regards to the core, It requires a lot of work because very few of the methods and functions are exactly the same. I had to change nearly every method in a file of 8
  12. I have seen this feature before. The way they handled it was to drop a chest when the player died, which then could be looted by anyone. A chest can be spawned with a LUA script on player died, but the loot table for that specific chest must change real time if it's going to contain the items which that dead player had equipped. This means that you must somehow connect the dead player with the exact (by GUID?) chest he spawns. I imagine that the best way to do this would be to create a DB table where you'd inject the players currently equipped item ID's along with his character GUID, then
  13. I agree, sounds like warden. Try disabling it. Warden.WinEnabled = 0 Warden.OSXEnabled = 0 Warden.NumMemChecks = 20 Warden.NumOtherChecks = 20 Warden.ClientResponseDelay = 600 Warden.ClientCheckHoldOff = 30 Warden.ClientCheckFailAction = 1 Warden.BanDuration = 86400 Warden.DBLogLevel = 0
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