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.server restart command not working?



I saw in the bug report section a conversation between the devs about getting the server shutdown and server restart commands working properly for Windows.  That being said, I tried .server restart 15 on a clean build but after the 15 seconds are up, the mangosd windows just closes and the server is not restarted.  


Is is there some additional step or requirement that I need to do in order to allow this command to work?  For example, do I need to be running mangosd as administrator or something?

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You need to have the mangosd.exe handled by a .bat file.

Here is one I use:

REM - Name: MaNGOS restart script 
Title= .:: MaNGOS Zero ::.
ECHO Mangosd Started %time:~0,5% %date:~1% 
mangosd.exe run
ECHO Mangosd Restarted %time:~0,5% %date:~1% 


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58 minutes ago, The0dark0one said:

Thanks, your batch file works great.  Just curious, your bat file is a workaround, correct?  In other words, the restart command in fact doesn't work?  I want to make sure that its nothing I did to cause it to not work.

Basically yes.

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It's a "feature" of Windows that has plagued MaNGOS from its beginning.

If you browse the old forum archives, you'll see people offering many solutions for a "MaNGOS restarter" on Windows. Some people did it with a simple script while others wrote full GUI apps to handle a server reboot.

If your machine is a dedicated MaNGOS server, you may wish to consider setting mangosd and realmd to run as a Windows Service so your server will start every time you boot or reboot your system. This also makes using helper apps with MaNGOS a bit more reliable.

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