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Diferent locales languajes support



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The answer is: it depends.

Some of the info is loaded from the DBC, this info is used client side and the server has no impact on the text there (I'm thinking of Maps, Cities, Dungeons, Spells, ..). Some others are directly retrieved from database, such as quests texts, creatures names, .. 

So, to support several locales, a slight code updates need to happen (provide the right locale text to the client) and a huge DB work needs to happen (translating every text of the database in fact) to internationalize mangos.


Not an easy task but you can participate if you wish :)


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I have found some texts, all in locales_* and more text only in English, in tables locales_* here is some rows : locale1, locale2 etc, each locale is one language.

I would port that info to MaNGOS DB, but if any another client connect to this "server" or "db" only will see one language if uses MaNGOS db.

Would be nice if MaNGOS copy that idea, let have locales for chinese, russian, french, english and spanish






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Ok, i think i can export SQL files from Elysium db to populate MaNGOS db with locales work already done, seems easy but i need to learn how to do without mistakes. There is some tables with missing Spanish text as locale_npc_text each others.

I'm trying to figure out how to populate that Spanish info without be madness in a few minutes, if almost i have English texts peharps i have a chance.

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2 hours ago, Talendrys said:

Sorry, I'm editing this because writing from phone isn't easy :)

If you compare table by table and merge the records (the text part) based on the primary keys, you should be able to end-up with the content you need.

It's not a matter of minutes of work sadly :)



Hehe, i know.

I will try to have fun meanwhile, and my time let me do!



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