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Setlootrecipient method issue

Marshall Burrell


Hey there,

For the encounter "Bug trio" in AQ40, there is a method that is called each time one of them dies that prevents loot appearing for the player on the corpse.



However this seems to be doing absolutely nothing. I know the code is being executed because I put "script_error_log("Bug trio loot prevented + despawned");" in the if statement and its printing that in the console. 

I have tried testing it with a non GM account and it is still dropping loot, is there something wrong with this method?

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So I figured out that the method was missing 1 line of code that has seemed to have fixed it.

In Creature.cpp:

void Creature::SetLootRecipient(Unit *unit):

if (!unit) statement was missing: RemoveFlag(UNIT_DYNAMIC_FLAGS, UNIT_DYNFLAG_TAPPED | UNIT_DYNFLAG_LOOTABLE);


if (!unit)
  m_lootGroupRecipientId = 0;


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