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Creature chain aggro behavior + pathfinding limit?

Marshall Burrell


Hey I have noticed two major issues in the current mangos zero core.

First Issue: When creatures of the same faction run near each other while in combat with a player that pulled them, they do not aggro the other creatures that they run past when they should.

Second Issue: If the Path for the creature is too long to get to the player it will instantly reset, It should run to the player no matter how long the path is if you are within a dungeon instance.

I will try to figure out the first issue myself, but if you have any tips would be great ^_^.

as for the second issue I may need some guidance, where is this limit applied in the source code so I can remove it? It causes evade bugs with certain encounters so would be nice to get rid of it.


, Thanks in advance ^_^ <3

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