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1.12.* question



I looked around before posting and didn't see this anywhere, so hopefully this is in the right place.

I saw the following: "Support client versions: 1.12.1 (build 5875),1.12.2 (build 6005) and 1.12.3 (build 6141)" and was wondering how this works. I want to build a 1.12.1 server for bug hunting and checking for authenticity as I am entirely too well informed in regards to vanilla. Supported client versions also include *.*.2/3 though, so does that mean there are additional spells or mechanics/mobs/quests and so on included if I follow the Ubuntu installation guide?

Hopefully this is understandable. Please let me know if you need any more details about what I'm asking and I will think of a more clear way to word things.

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1.12.1 and upwards are very similar versions. To my knowledge, they are only small variations from each others.

Nothing to do with new spells or even new content.

1.12.1 changelog:

New content.

1.12.2 changelog:


1.12.3 changelog:

Chinese-version bugfixes only.


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