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Realmlist loop...help!



Hey guys, this is my first post and the only reason I am posting here is because I am completely desperate to get my private server up and running. The problem occurs when I am logging in, first it has me select my language and which type of realm I would like (normal), but then after it assigns me to a realm it says "Logging into game server" then takes me back to realm selection, throwing me into an endless loop. After Googling it, I found it was a somewhat common problem, only problem is that it seems the solutions are hit and miss to the point where I feel like ive tried everything.

This is my first actual private server attempt, and it is only for me to play on... alone! Which makes it worse that I cant figure it out. With my limited knowledge all I can tell you is that I am trying to set up a vanilla 1.12.1 server and used the MaNGOS repack for it. All IPs (in HeidiSQL, realmd.conf, mangosd.conf, and realmlist) are all set to, although I have tried using my external IP on them all as well. I feel it is important to mention that this seems like an issue that fixed itself in the beginning as it allowed me to log in twice in between the issue's occurrences. But now it seems to be happening 100% of the time. Any help is appreciated, I hope I described the issue well enough, I will do my very best to respond quickly. Thanks in advance!



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Yes I did... But I found a solution, kind of. I feel like an idiot, the reason it wasnt letting me in was because I was getting on the server before mangosd had time to start up... Just needed to wait like 3 mins to log in and then it beeps and it works perfectly fine. Thank you for the reply, sorry for wasting time.

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