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Mangos zero status (dungeons)

Hiffe Helsse

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I would like to know the status of Mangos Zero, what is working and what is broken.

I didn't find any up to date information about it.

I would be particularly interested to know the dungeons status, as I plan to create a small server for a few friends.

Any information about it would be appreciated :)

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Assuming you install MangosZero without errors and leave everything as it is in Rel 21 (no custom content) most things seem to work fine. 5 man dungeons are working rather well from what I can see. Raids are of course far more complicated and difficult to determine and I would say that while working, many require more fine tuning.


If you just intend to run a server for friends, I see no problems with how things are now.

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