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Looking for help to update my older core



hey all. i know this might not be the right place. but i'm looking for some help to update my old core i get. 


its from 2009 and someone told me that it uses "forbidden code" withs means i can just complite in VS2010 for example.

so for me to use the core i need to use VS2009, i do have the pro version of it. but i whould like to update the core so i can use the newer scripts and maybe somewhat convert other script from the newer version the mine core so more stuff works. 


its a TrinityCore rev 2 version for patch 3.2.2a i could not find a mangos version for that patch and now source either so yea.


if you are intressed in help me out you can contact me on skype: qvika_gilla


thanks for all the help i can get:)

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Hey there Shaorin!


Unfortunately Trinitycore is not the same as Mangos. You would need to as at the Trinitycore forums. 


If you want to use the Mangos 3.x.x version, it is best to do a new installation so you get the most up to date files.


I hope that helps!

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well thanks but i cant do to trinitycore they dont care. they have only dupport for the leastest build not even 3.3.5 anymore so no point.


and to do older mangos stuff well thats hard with no code. i cant use 3.3.5 code for its to new and have new speels and stuff that are not working on a 3.2.2a version on WoW, 


i will give i a try to look and see if ic an find any source but i feel its near impossiable to get one, die to i tryed before, 

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for 3.2.2a are the best patch blizz made. and 3.3.5a was the start of the dont nned any effort to play patch. and they changed so much that i did not like. 

3.2.2 are still like the good old days. and thanks give it a shoot if you whould find a 3.2.2 mangos source that whould be awersome thats atleast something i can work with, but only thing i found was trinitycore and it works good but some stuff dont works ofc. and i need to update it hehehe to get more stuff to work and so on. problem are that i dont know C++ and i feel its hard to learn for its so much and hard to start in a good way.

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oo i see. but how is the 3.3.5 are it possiable to use it? i only used trinitycore for it used to be the best one. but now its more apple like and they dont allow costum stuff to be added withs are kind of the point on private servers... a way to learn aswell-.

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