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  1. Hey all. I use Mangos One cloned from github, i run on MariaDB "Server version: 10.5.6-MariaDB mariadb.org binary distribution" and i did compile it with Cmake (see photo for settings) i used VS studio 2019. set to release (x64) i run the english version with all the patched applied i have the ADbot on, "AuctionHouseBot.CharacterName = "AH-BOT" AuctionHouseBot.Seller.Enabled = 1 AuctionHouseBot.DEBUG.Seller = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Enabled = 1 AuctionHouseBot.DEBUG.Buyer = 0" in the DB realmDB table it looks like t
  2. hey i guess you missunderstood me. well i did change it via DB but its the same thing as doing via SQL. the code say that you cant be GMlvevel 4. it can only be 3 so the only way are to cahnge it in the code to allow it once more. i dont know where it is so you cant ask me. but if you use new core you cant use GMlevel 4. sorry. if you set it to for the server will only see it as 3 anyway when i mean i cant do this on old days i mean. i'm talking like 2013 or something this old
  3. well i dont know if it works nowdays not tryed. but back in the days you could go into the DB and set it to 4 manuely and not via the console. like madmax its a console thing. but damn its usefule to be able to delete and make account when you are online. and do othe console things right inside the game. but it seems like they have removed the thing. i guess only thing you can do is to do into the code and try to find out what to cahnge and bring it back. but as it stands now the server dont allow you to set it higer the 3. even if you set it 4 in DB the game still only see it as 3.
  4. oo i see thanks alot. i will look at this when i get home. i dont know how to see this stuff, and when i tryed to learn c++ i did what said i needed to do and i did right. but i did not understand why i needed to write as i did, maybe i should try pick it up once more. if anyone know a better place then https://www.sololearn.com/ feel free to post. i feel learning c++ and so on are so hard that i dont get how poeple are doing it these days, maybe they get verything from school and get forced to learn the easy stuff to then just learn alittle bit how it work here and then they done.
  5. thanks i tryed to look at it. but as allways i dont kno really what i look for. and it seems to be mostly for PvP im looking for changeing the world. so i can level with a friend in same group and dont get so little exp so you cant level alone. like blizz have done even if they try to primote group play... i dont know why they made it liek this it susks.
  6. hey i wonder if there is a simple script via LUA or C++ that i can use so i can disable group redused exp. what i mean are in normal wow and you are in a group you get less exp: mob give 50 2 player in group gets 25 you alone get 50 i would like to be able to change that so you get more or the same. but also for diffrent levels like, 5 diffrence. so i at level 10 cant get boosted by a higher level. thanks for the help.
  7. i think you can just get a lua scrip for it i did have one before... but its more like # text. but it did work. and the gm and vip stuff are really easy to see just delete those lines in the script and it done:) but sorry i dont think i have it anymore and the site where i get it from a down so removed it for no reason what so ever maybe they did not want to do emu stuff anymore. it was better then AC-web for they get a lua section but ooo well. if you are looking to get a more offical chat like /trade and so on. then you can look on google for a way to modify the /offi
  8. nice to see you find something else fun to do.
  9. oo i see nice to hear you get it working. i never tried the play AI stuff im not into the old styled playerbopts but well i think the play AI are really cool aswell- make the world feel more alive
  10. well sorry to say i have been wanting to learn it for past 8 years. but i try to read and so on, on site called sololearn bnut tis not that good. i dont really understadn what im reading. so i cant modify simple code and so but i dont really understand it well. its like i cant change this for i can, but why? i dont know really. i never have study it really i just feels so hard and all that learnt this in the 80's are thos that know it, really hard to pick up nowdays are just alot of things. and when you need tos tart all over from the start it even feel alot harder due to they want
  11. you can try clone it this way: and then after do: git checkout 6aeb735b8d62abc6ab8b406175072dbb88c60688 this will give you a worning saying you are not at the last commit. but it should work here. it was when i use mangos 3 last time. to the commit if you need to go back more. hope it works for you.
  12. no i dont think it its worth if, consider you need to use a patch.bat file to add the them for mangos3 i whould say it will not work.
  13. here arte the tools for mangos one: tools
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