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Threatradius - what is it?



I have been running my MangosTwo server for about a week or two now.  All seems OK.  I have not attempted to update it yet.  I have been tweaking it since doing groups is not really a thing.

One thing that is confusing is what ThreatRadius is for. 

        Radius for creature to evade after being pulled away from combat start point
        If ThreatRadius is less than creature aggro radius then aggro radius will be used
        Default: 100 yards

I know what it says, but I don't really know what it means.  Does that mean if a creature is feared it will evade for 100 yards? 

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It is referring to 'leashing'. So for example: if a dragon starts at point X, and is pulled by a hunter, ThreatRadius is how far the hunter can kite the dragon before it resets. 


The second part just means that if that distance is less than 100 yards, the stat for aggro radius (the range you will pull aggro by getting close) will be used as the value of ThreatRadius.


I hope that made it a bit more clear!

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