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Arena points



Hello guys!
Is it possible to make item or same and when i click on it to learn arena points, example:(Arena Points rewarder which drop from boss and when left click on it to receive some arena points yeah..) and if yes how?( Without C++ and Eluna) please say me..My friend said me it's possible but he dont know how, Thanks!!

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it should be just look in teh db for "extended cost" there is sites where you can find it.... 

i dont know how it work, but i whould think you can make a scprit that adds it when you use the tiem. and if that the case then its even easyer for then you can just can make the script exicute a command like .mod arena points XXX or something. sorry i dont know code or anything but i whould think something like this atleat.... if you can buy with it you should be able to add it aswell^^


maybe someone that knows scripting can help out better when that part of it.

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