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Windows easybuild 'maps' directory is empty or does not exist



I seem to be stuck between the following steps. I keep getting an error when trying to run the extractresources.sh file. The error keeps saying 'maps' directory is empty or does not exist. Now for clarity:

  1. are all of the "copy" files listed in steps 15/16/17 going into the serverZero_Build/bin/Release/tools folder? 
  2. There are is no libea32.dll in the OpenSSL/lib folder. Its located in the root foder of OpenSSL-Win32
    1. Is that the correct file to use?
  3. After all files are copied to the tools folder I am copying all files in that to the WOW root and a folder on the serverZero folder?


15) Copy the file ace.dll into the tools folder.

16) Copy the file libeay32.dll from the OpenSSL/lib folder (either C:\OpenSSL-Win32 or C:\OpenSSL-Win64 by default) into this folder.

 NOTE: Both the 32Bit and 64Bit dll's are called libeay32.dll.

17) Copy the file libmysql.dll from the MySQL/lib folder (similar to C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7 by default) into this folder.

18) Copy the files from this folder onto a folder on your server

19) Copy the entire contents of the tools folder into the root of your wow client folder.

20) Extract the client data using extractresources.sh (See HERE to a guide to extracting the client data)

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13 hours ago, Talendrys said:


The DLL are going into server/bin folder, not in tools. The content of the tools directory need to be copied to the WoW root folder.


Why do the instructions say the tools folder? This has confused me further. None of the DLL's go into tools?

What is the exact path they go in? Instructions make it seem like they all go here C:\Mangos_Files\serverZero_build\bin\Release\tools per step 15 in the EasyBuild. Also there is no libeay32.dll in the OpenSSL/bin folder. There is one located in the Root OpenSSL folder. Is that the one thats used?




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