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Updating MaNGOS



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1. For the source code, you have to pull the modified files from git and compile them. The procedure:

A) open a git shell in the cloned directory (Windows) or simply 'cd' into it (*nix) and issue this commands:

- git stash (not mandatory, but this assures you have the original, unmodified older source code)

- git pull origin master (this will fetch the latest changes from github)

- git submodule update

B) open MaNGOS.sln (Windows) or issue make install command (*nix) from the build directory. In case of VS choose the Build (not Rebuild) command, to compile only the changes, not the whole source code

In exceptional cases, when the changes are big, after pull, you have to clean the build directory and use EasyBuild/cmake system to regenerate the build files

2. For database, the changes are submitted in the form of "patch" sql's, in the Update/Rel21 subdirectory of each Realm/Character/World dir. You have to import only those changes into MySQL. The patches have the name in the form Rel21_SS_DDD_xxx.sql, where SS = structure number (when database structure is altered), DDD = content number (when records are changed/added). You can see what versions you already have by looking at the db_version table of each of realm/char/world database and apply sequentially all the patch sql's greater than your version, starting with the content number. For example, if you have revision = 21 , structure = 07, content = 11 in db_version and Rel21_07_13_xxx.sql, Rel21_08_01_yyy.sql and Rel21_07_12_zzz.sql, the order you apply the patch will be Rel21_07_12, Rel21_07_13, Rel21_08_01.

As for fetching the latest changes into db, see the A section above.


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If you compile the code for the first time, there is no difference between build/rebuild. The real difference is afterwards, if you modify something in the code, Build will only compile the changes (very fast), Rebuild will compile everything (very slow).

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