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  1. hmmm , this is strange - the 2nd time, I started the extractor, it worked (!)
  2. hey Antz, was it related to a mismatch with "number of cores"? like when you type in "4", but your system only has 2? Cheers
  3. got it now! the thing was, I got some small "4.0.1 streaming client" (just a few MB) from a private server and just run the background-downloader. it downloads all stuff to 4.3.4
  4. hi there, in installation step 20 "extracting Data with "extractresources.sh" it seems, there is something wrong. running the .sh file via cmd-line does not work, so I run it via Git and I went thru the settings... after like 1 minutes, the window quits without any messages: extracting steps Steps 1-4 will work ok - but then app quits. EDIT: Now it seems to work... I set "number of CPUs" to 4 - but only got a 2 Core i5 in my surfacebook Now, it seems to run pretty nice! Then I noticed "map-extractor.exe", which I run after the failed?! extractresources.sh - it qui
  5. hello, after installing 1.12.1, 2.4.3 and 3.3.5a, I want to go on and get my WoW up to 4.0.1 - now, how do I patch to 4.3.4? Seems, there are only dead links so far and I tried with Cata DVD, but does not work... In the forum´s download section, there is also no patch for 4.x So here is, what I´ve got: 100% working, fresh WOTL 3.3.5a client, a cata install DVD, some patches from over here: 3.3.xxx to 4.0.1 and google found this: Warmane 4.3.4 "client" ??? please heeelp!!!
  6. hey, I solved this by editing the 'realmd' table in the database, there should be a table called 'realmlist'. Once you're in there, find the address column, and change the value to your Internal IP. (it´s a good idea, to give your host computer a static IP in your LAN) This way, I was not only able to connect on localhost, but also got access to the server from any other computer in my LAN and got voer the realm-list-loop, of course! hope, that helps Cheers!
  7. So "cata" is latest - but not greatest, I guess I was assuming it will be the expansion, that gets most work and dev right now, because it´s the client for the latest Mangos core. Or is there a WoD or even Legion core around, now? Cheers!
  8. Ah, ok - I see! I just wanted to know, if it´s "worth" to invest time playing with this and if the experience is ok (gameplay wise). I would not bother with this, if "three" would be known to be "just about 30% of events/quests are working" or even "not working at all". So I wanted some feedback, if you can actually login in and "play" mostly, like you would on a blizzard server, back then. No need for 100%, but like 80%+ or so would be great! Cheers
  9. So it´s all working 100%, then? Did nobody done any testing, quests, etc?
  10. sorry, I dont know one.. but you just could do one as an addon
  11. what is playerbot AI? like simulating population or other players? or more like you can command a group of chars, like multiboxing?!
  12. Sorry for bump - but I really need to know, if Mangos got some warden implemented and if so, if I can disable this so I can connect with old mac ppc the the server...
  13. Hmmm - ok. I´ve read a lot different opinions on that. I tested a bit and it seems, for TBC and WOTLK it is enough to just put in the wow.app (the mac equivalent to wow.exe) into a windows install, to make it work under os-x ppc. For vanilla, it seems this doesn´t work proper - but maybe this is something with my install. Basically I use the same client for TBC and WOTLK, just start with the fitting "exe" or "app", depending on OS. I don´t know, if there will be some errors in later gameplay, but as far as I was able to test, it worked without a problem. the .mpq files are the same,
  14. hello, I wonder, if it is really neccessary to make an extra mac install (from original installer CDs/DVD) or if I can use a PC-Windows client and just add the WoW.app to it, to make it run? (given the matching patched version, of course) Does somebody have any experience, regarding "make a PC install into Mac"? I´d like to know, if I can avoid to install and save/store a sperate install for each system, or if I can use just the windows install with the mac WoW.app.
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