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Pc install and mac version





I wonder, if it is really neccessary to make an extra mac install (from original installer CDs/DVD) or if I can use a PC-Windows client and just add the WoW.app to it, to make it run? (given the matching patched version, of course)

Does somebody have any experience, regarding "make a PC install into Mac"? I´d like to know, if I can avoid to install and save/store a sperate install for each system, or if I can use

just the windows install with the mac WoW.app.

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Hmmm - ok. I´ve read a lot different opinions on that. I tested a bit and it seems, for TBC and WOTLK it is enough to just put in the wow.app (the mac equivalent to wow.exe) into a windows install, to make it work under os-x ppc. For vanilla, it seems this doesn´t work proper - but maybe this is something with my install.

Basically I use the same client for TBC and WOTLK, just start with the fitting "exe" or "app", depending on OS. I don´t know, if there will be some errors in later gameplay, but as far as I was able to test, it worked without a problem.

the .mpq files are the same, no matter what client´s OS


But to make sure it´s 100% as intended, I may need to look around for some deDE os-x patches - not all of them are availible anymore, last time I checked :(

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