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Cant connect on realmd port other then 3724



hey all. i try to play around on other servers i get. i ahve some old stuff like a older version from prydevserver if any of you know about them.


the problem are that that server are TC and i use mangos aswell. so i thought why not use 2 diffrent realm server with other prots^^

but i cant connect to anything other then 3724 for realm server. and i cant connect to anything that has ip:port nothing of this works.

if anyone know how to get a round this im happy for the help. 

portforward ports


thanks alot for the help. i have teamwiver if thats needed

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its fixed now!


it seems that i need to set in the realmlist.wtf file ip:port but i allways thought it was the world server port i needed. but its seems like for im useing 2 diffrent realmd servers i needed to put the realmd port. thins this case 3725. the 3724 port a magic port and you dont need to put it after the ip. only the port that are not this one. the port 3724 allways are active for the ip. 


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