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Function in lua error


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I GET THIS ERROR:::     2017-07-01 12:11:05 lua_scripts/cystom/buffers.lua:10: bad argument #1 to 'SendNotification' (string expected, got nil)



local npcid = 47

function morph_gossip(unit, player, creature)
    player:GossipMenuAddItem(0, "VIP Buffs", 0, 1)
    player:GossipSendMenu(1, creature)
function morph_select(event, player, creature, sender)
    if(player:GetGMRank() < 1) then
        player:SendNotification( message )
    elseif(player:GetGMRank() > 1) then
        player:AddAura(25898, player)
        player:AddAura(48469, player)
        player:AddAura(42995, player)
        player:AddAura(48169, player)
        player:AddAura(48073, player)
        player:AddAura(48161, player)
        player:AddAura(26035, player)
RegisterCreatureGossipEvent(npcid, 1, morph_gossip)
RegisterCreatureGossipEvent(npcid, 2, morph_select)

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The code you posted does not have message defined.
If you updated the code then please post it as the error you have is either different or you did nothing to the code or you did something but we dont really know what.

The argument must be a string!

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I don't think you're going to see a more specific or straightforward error message than this, ever.  It's telling you that the call to SendNotification on line 10 has a bad argument, that it is nil, when it expects a string. The argument there is the variable named 'message', which isn't defined anywhere in this script, hence the reason you're getting this error.

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