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Trinitycore (3.3.5) vs mangos two


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MangosTwo (wotlk) has had significantly less development over the years compared to TC, which until recently was focussed only on wotlk.
- because of this TC has always traditionally been the defacto core for running wotlk.

The last two years have involved massive redesigns of the mangos foundation and we are improving the cores daily now.
- As the different MaNGOS cores now share a lot of code, any improvements are applied across the cores thus allowing us to gain ground.

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What do you mean under the term "stable"?

  • may be built and set up easily in accord to the wiki instructions at any development point (commit)
  • the mechanics that worked in a way yesterday, will work today the same way
  • the server stands X hours in average without a crash at Y hundreds online

Here must be three "no" probably. It's just a development for you :) Note also, that no open-source project without dedicated heavy-loaded server (at least peak Y hundreds) has a chance to become "stable" in the terms concerning crashes.

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I know this is a old topic but I just got to say I find TC much harder to get running the loopholes you need to do is insane I found mangos to be by fare the easiest core to get running and yes am still trying to get my TC to run first it was maps then database now it just not connect ha one day ill get it running i guess but till then mangos is my fav :D just wish it was a bit more updated and had some of the nice mods that TC has but o well least it works ha

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