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dissable group redused exp



hey i wonder if there is a simple script via LUA or C++ that i can use so i can disable group redused exp.


what i mean are in normal wow and you are in a group you get less exp:

mob give 50

2 player in group gets 25

you alone get 50

i would like to be able to change that so you get more or the same. but also for diffrent levels like, 5 diffrence. so i at level 10 cant get boosted by a higher level.


thanks for the help.

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you can for example try to change the rate to be 1.0f instead of whatever it calculates at the moment.

If you want everyone to have the exact same XP regardless of level differences etc you can try change

pGroupGuy->GiveXP(itr_xp, pVictim);


pGroupGuy->GiveXP(xp, pVictim);

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thanks i tryed to look at it. but as allways i dont kno really what i look for. and it seems to be mostly for PvP im looking for changeing the world. so i can level with a friend in same group and dont get so little exp so you cant level alone. like blizz have done even if they try to primote group play... i dont know why they made it liek this it susks. 

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oo i see thanks alot. i will look at this when i get home. 

i dont know how to see this stuff, and when i tryed to learn c++ i did what said i needed to do and i did right. but i did not understand why i needed to write as i did, maybe i should try pick it up once more. 

if anyone know a better place then https://www.sololearn.com/ feel free to post. i feel learning c++ and so on are so hard that i dont get how poeple are doing it these days, maybe they get verything from school and get forced to learn the easy stuff to then just learn alittle bit how it work here and then they done. 


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