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Short John Mithrill



So this is more of an update to an existing problem (at least with my server).

So I can't seem to find the exact time the chest spawns in the gurubashi arena, so i'm not able to figure out if johns script is working correctly.

According to the server the event is suppose to be every 3 hours server time but I can't figure out which hour it is yet.

Besides that there is a temporary work around for the medals you loot out of the chest.

If you loot the first medal and DON'T accept the quest you can continue to loot medals until you get all 13.

Then you could use 1 medal accept and turn in the quest and you're able to complete the second quest with the remaining 12 after that.

According to the DB the medal is lootable multiple times and is suppose to spawn 100% of the time from the chest.

What I can't figure out is whats flagging the item to not appear if you completed the first quest already.

So if anybody can shed some light on this or point me in the right direction in the DB I would greatly appreciate it.

BTW for everyone that has helped me so far thank you, I know it can get annoying when you see the same guy posting stuff all the time. 



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