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Killstreak System


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Hi there.

local function PvPAnnouncer(event, killer, killed)
    SendAreaTriggerMessage("[PVP] |Hplayer:"..killer:GetName().."|h["..killer:GetName().."]|h killed |Hplayer:"..killed:GetName().."|h["..killed:GetName().."]|h")

RegisterPlayerEvent(6, PvPAnnouncer)

SendWorldMessage is sending the messages into the chat box. I tried with AreaTriggerMessage but it doesn't work since it has to be player:SendAreaTriggerMessage but it's not helpful... if it works it will send a message to the players, not to the people. I need a little help to make the script to show the messages in the top of the screen and there has to be any limit since it's better to spam in the top of the screen instead into the chat box but there will be spam too. The script needs a function to show that someone killed someone if he makes a killstreak or something same...I hope that you understand me, it will be good if you help me to finish it or it will be great if you give me advice and I'll try to finish it alone. That's how I can learn instead to asking the people daily, right? :)

Deep Sky.

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