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Gathering Nodes - how to?



While running around the newbie zone for night elf's, I noticed a real lack of herb nodes. Is this something that has to be put in the database, or is there a GM command that will place a node at your location?? (please provide syntax example).. Thank you.



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Thanks for the reply Necrovoice, it was enough to get me started.


Find an existing node, because 'lookup item Silverleaf' gave two responses, and no telling which is the Silverleaf .vs. Node.

So, as a GM, put your mouse over the Silverleaf, and type '.gobject target', then the game will tell you the information for that object, ID 1617.

Now move to the location you wish to put a new Silverleaf node and then issue the command '.gobject add 1617'.

The server will then reply with:

>> Add Game Object '1617' (Silverleaf) (GUID: nnnnnn) added ..... etc.

Now a new gathering node exists.




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