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Using Playerbots - A few questions



Well, I've rebuilt my clone of Mangoszero with the aiplayerbot option configured and, lo and behold, the player bots appear as documented. Which brings me to my questions. I've looked through the forums (both here and external to Mangos) and have been unsuccessful. So, here goes:

  1. Can bots be commanded to cast specific spells? 
  2. Related to #1, the documentation makes mention of triggers - events to which bots can be set to respond. So, how do I setup a trigger? For example, is it possible to set triggers such that when the tank's health drops below 80% my healbot will cast lesser heal. But, when it drops below 60% I'd like healbot to cast lesser heal followed immediately by a renew. You get the picture.
  3. After I command my party to grind, how do I stop them?

Thanks in advance for any help you might be willing to provide.


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4 hours ago, Rmagnet said:

I'm not sure if you've figured this out yet, but it can be done by getting a list of the bots spells.




to actually cast the spell:

~cast [shift click the spell link here]

Thanks. Still haven't figured out how to stop the bots from grinding. :)

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