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How disable a instance in disable table



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Just have tested the following way.

1. Start the original Zero server, without custom DB modifications. Ensure .gm off.

2. Try to enter Ragefire Chasm (map ID 389) in Orgrimmar. Succesfully done.

3. With an SQL client, execute the command on your world DB, usually named mangos0 (1 queries executed, 1 success, 0 errors, 0 warnings):

INSERT INTO disables SET sourceType=2, entry=389;

4. From within the game (or from the server console), use GM command .reload disables.

5. Try to enter Ragefire Chasm. Disallowed now. The player gets no message, though.

6. Turn .gm on. Try to enter Ragefire Chasm. Succesfully done.

7. To undo the DB change, use (you may reload the table again since this):

DELETE FROM disables WHERE sourceType=2 AND entry=389;

I understand there are plenty of improvements possible. In particular, adding GM commands to control the table (and the table reload at every change by these commands). Also, there is easy to allow item drop limitations for specific map/area. Those commands are in the TC and can be ported even a bit easier than the whole mechanic was. The present implementation is handy for the developers mostly, but it works nevertheless (though an exhaustive testing was never done).

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That the developer must be me. The implementation was largely ported from TrinityCore, so their docs is valid mostly. But not fully since 1) Zero has no LFG mechanic (DISABLE_TYPE_LFG_MAP=8, meaning not disabling the dungeon itself, but excluding it from the LFG dungeons, - not implemented), and 2) two new types were added allowing to prevent spawning a creature or a GO.

On the particular question, the whole instance is disabled as a map (source_type=2, entry=MapID); note that flags are unused since no dungeon difficulty in Zero. A GM in GM mode is not affected.

A nice feature of the most disables is the table reloadability: you can add/remove disables without server restart. For example, it becomes handy when, on a populated server, you just find a critical bug of a dungeon. Then add the disables entry, reload the table, and teleport the players from that map to another one.

@antz If you point me to a manual describing how to handle the DBDOCS generated wiki pages now, I could fill the wiki page.

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4 hours ago, Naftan said:

Ok @Olion, thanks, but in the data and the flags fields, what are the values?

Those values may be any, being ignored by the core (for the map disable). The usual policy is, if you do not see how to set a DB table field, leave it at the default value. The defaulted 0's are reasonable.

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