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Disconnected from server



Hello! I've asked this in discord as well, but I figured I could bring it into here (just in case in the future someone else may have this same problem.)

So, I'm running a VM with a fresh install of centOS 7 (minimal) with mangoszero. I've tried to connect via my client (5875), but I keep instantly getting "Disconnected from server"

Here is what I have tried:

Setting LogLevel to 3 - Result: Nothing new! See:


Ran under (Windows 7, debian 8, debian 9, openSuSE: Tumbleweed) - Result: It works under Windows 7! But I have the same issue with everything else. (Note: I don't want to use windows 7, I use Linux as much as possible.)

Compared the SQL data with Win7 - Nothing.

Added a 2nd Realm - This didn't work, but I saw it worked for some people.

Opened Ports: Just tried, still nothing.


P.S. I'll be still trying at this when I have time, and updating as needed.

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