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Can't start mangosd server



Hi I can't start mangosd server (the realmd is ok). See the logs. I think that I don't have some files in Data folder so can't extract all maps. Please see the logs the world-server.log is the mangosd log. I have use this tool to download Data: https://github.com/mangostools/MangosWoWRegeneration . The wow build version is 15595 (4.3.4). See the  lasts line in the log. Thanks for attention.



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All the extraction is done. The files missed aren't on the path. The names in maps folder are a bit different, without the zeros on start. Look at the image and after look the world-server.log log you will see the different. The log says "ERROR:Check existing of map file '/home/haze/MythikosWOW/WoW-Cataclysm4.3.4/Data/maps/0004331.map': not exist!"

Captura de Tela (9).png


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