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MYSQL security setting applying fail



Hello everyone,

at first I must say that when I first installed MYSQL everything went smooth and installing/applying went 100% free from error, but when I was going to follow the guide again I thought I had installed the MYSQL in the wrong way (turns out I only misunderstood the guide) so I uninstalled MYSQL and rebooted, and wanted to install MYSQL 100% from the beginning again.  But everytime when I am coming to this Applying security section I get this error, I took a few print screens here



mysql 2.png

mysql 3.png

mysql 4.png

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On 6/9/2018 at 8:32 AM, Meltie said:

We can close it, but should keep the post in case someone has the same issue.

Might be best to post how you fixed it as well. Someone else might make use of this as well.

True, as I previously said. I uninstalled MYSQL and rebooted to re-install MYSQL on the computer but even when I re-installed it I still got the "Applying security settings fail"  so I followed this guide that I found on Google and it now works to apply those settings!

STEP 1----
Open your control panel and in the top right there is a search bar. type "hidden files". A folder icon will appear named "File Explorer Options" under it should say "Show hidden files and folders". Select this and a screen will pop up called "File Explorer Option". Look down the list for "hidden files and folders" text with an icon of a folder. Under this you should have the "Don't show hidden files and folders" checked off. select the "show hidden files and folders" option instead. Afterwords click "Apply" and exit out of that.

STEP 2-----
go into your main disc drive (Ex. C:/) and you should now see a folder named "ProgramData" go inside of this folder and look for "MySQL" once you have located this folder delete the folder and than try to reinstall again.
Walah! you should be set. (MySQL seems to keep info inside of the ProgramData folder regarding old MySQL info such as old root passwords even after an uninstall)
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