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Am I doing something wrong for LAN connections?



I'm at my wits end right now trying to figure out whats blocking LAN connections to the server. I can play on it just fine on the same PC but can't get it to work for LAN.

My connection info:

in the MySQL realmd > realmlist

id    name    address    localAddress    localSubnetMask    port    icon    realmflags    timezone    allowedSecurityLevel    population    realmbuilds
1    Test Wrath    8085    8    0    1    0    1    12340 

in the realmd.conf

LoginDatabaseInfo      = ";3306;something;something;realmd"


in the mangosd.conf

RealmID                      = 1
DataDir                      = "."
LogsDir                      = "."
LoginDatabaseInfo            = ";3306;something;something;realmd"
WorldDatabaseInfo            = ";3306;something;something;mangos2"
CharacterDatabaseInfo        = ";3306;something;something;character2"
LoginDatabaseConnections     = 1
WorldDatabaseConnections     = 1
CharacterDatabaseConnections = 1
MaxPingTime                  = 5
WorldServerPort              = 8085
BindIP                       = ""

I also checked to see if it was a firewall issue & I have everything on the always allow list.


Any Ideas? 😥

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5 hours ago, Necrovoice said:

Try keeping localAddress = See if that helps

Just tried switching that in the SQL > realmd > realmlist, still will not connect from the other computer on the LAN. I even disabled the firewalls on both, the only one that can connect is from the host machine.

I have no clue what's going on, this has never happened to me before. I've run mangos servers in the past with the exact config & it's just not doing it. Might be from the recent Windows 10 update, that fucked with a lot of my usual settings & ways of doing things,...

Any other suggestions? 🤔

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  1. Does your LAN box have a route to your server? You could check that by `ping`.
  2. Does your `realmlist.wtf` file on the LAN box point to
  3. I've never believed in the Win firewall interface. To be sure, you could turn the firewall off for a short time (perhaps while the Internet connection is down), on the both boxes.
  4. If you have `telnet` command available, you could connect from the LAN box to the auth port of the running server: `telnet 3724` Any answer will mean the LAN box wow client issue.
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