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I have built several different t"TWO" servers using different client to extract data from.  I keep getting the alert message I need to install Wotlk to advance to northrend or create any heroics.  Blood Elves are not available when I try to make new character.  NO server log errors  and everything compiled without any errors.  The client I am using is from the torrent provided in FAQs.    Has anyone ever experienced these issues?  BTW I normally use debian and wine to play, but I tried it on win 7 and 10 with the same results.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to update the allowed expansions for that account.
In the database it will be the realmd account table, the field your looking for is 'expansion' 
On the interface
account set addon [#accountId|$accountName] #addon

For wrath you will want the expansion value set at 2.
Hope this helps you

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