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Spying on hidden mangosd.exe in Windows



Howdy folks!
Does anyone know whether there's a way to spy on the console output normally seen by someone logged in launching the mangosd.exe process? I have realmd.exe and mangosd.exe in service wrappers, and I don't see them run because they're launched by the SYSTEM account automatically. I have a lot of logging turned off to save on resources a bit, since it's a VM (8 vCores, 8 GB vRAM).
I'm somewhat proficient with PowerShell, so I can PSRemote to my server and do some magic with that, if it's an option.
Reason I ask is because I'm frequently seeing the mangosd.exe wrapper service stop because MySQL stops for some reason and I want to be able to script an automatic Restart-Service based on the results of the output if I can find the line where any error/crash is detected.
MySQL reports that my tables are marked as crashed and need to be repaired, but that's entirely something else to investigate.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi There,

Not sure if what you want to do is possible currently.

If you are getting crashes we'd normally suggest running a debug build with visual studio attached and sending us the dump file from the crash.

I'd try updating to the most recent build as if have recently fixed the stuck on connected bug.

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