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About the Realm Zone.



#        Server realm zone (set allowed alphabet in character names/etc). See also Strict*Names options.
#    1 Development    - any language (Default)
#    2 United States  - extended-Latin
#    3 Oceanic        - extended-Latin
#    4 Latin America  - extended-Latin
#    5 Tournament     - basic-Latin at create, any at login
#    6 Korea          - East-Asian
#    7 Tournament     - basic-Latin at create, any at login
#    8 English        - extended-Latin
#    9 German         - extended-Latin

when I set the RealmZone  = 8  or 16    I can login to the server but no realm name on the list of servers can be selected.

set RealmZone = 1    I can select the MaNGOS Zero Server #1 on the list of servers and get in.

Did I miss some configs?

Waiting for help!

God bless you!

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On 3/25/2019 at 4:13 PM, onixiya said:

You might want to check the db for this setting. I think its somewhere in realmd or maybe world.


Many thanks to you for helping me. I tried to find where the key point is. I found the field which called realmzone on table realmlist database realmd. and also, I found it was updated automatically by the value from mangos.conf when I login the server. I have no idear where to find the else data about realmzone.  what should I do next?

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